Craig Hendley

Senior Director
FTI Consulting

Operating within the Digital Forensics and e-discovery field for over 8 years, Craig possesses a diverse set of technical and solution driven advisory capabilities applied across all FTI’s technology offering.

Craig has specialised in the scoping and execution of investigations through FTI’s on-site data collection, processing and review offering: FTI Investigate.

Craig has built strong working relationships with clients in the aerospace, defence, financial and pharmaceutical industries, where strict regulations regarding the movement and disclosure of confidential data require close liaison with counsel, rigorous handling of data and precise, detailed record-keeping.

Craig has led numerous deployment exercises, under both invitation and court order, within the UK, Europe and Africa. These engagements are often complex, multi-jurisdictional, time-critical matters, and have required trusted relationships with clients; advising on source identification, data volume reduction, on-site processing, analytics and review support.