Ines Rubio

Senior Director
FTI Consulting

Inés Rubio encourages customers to think beyond their present-day data difficulties, proactively creating the opportunity to discover new and useful solutions that will address challenges across their e-discovery, privacy and governance needs.

For over ten years, Inés has worked in e-discovery, data privacy and consulting services supporting clients in legal firms and corporations by creating workflows that will help reach the full potential of people and technology.

Inés is an industry thought leader, regularly speaking at industry events discussing the crossover between e-discovery, data privacy and security awareness. Inés has also participated in webinars and podcast series on furthering education and security awareness for legal professionals.

A great coordinator of people and tasks, Inés focuses on how to create value for customers, ensuring an understanding of their needs but also encouraging them to build on what FTI provides,  facilitating a long-lasting solution.